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Tunnel HW

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Tunnel HW

Im looking for the AREDN teams suggested for HW to run a tunnel server on. Ive been using PowerBeam M5 horns with the radio turned off, but found the HW to be susceptible to RF. How you ask! Im collocated an avid HF DXer who runs the legal limit at our club station! Ive had my fair share incidents were HF transmissions !JT65!  rest ubiquity devices. At my QTH Ive had Bad cat5 and bad shield and others have this problem on roof run with HF antennas. I've been able to mitigate FW rest at my QTH with shielded cat5e, troids and discharge grounding. Im not here to discuss this topic again. I can say that this HW susceptible to HW resets! with short cables! Im hoping the dev team would have a suggestion on exporting or backing up the Tunnel serve config? Maybe an export tool in the nighty build? Its a task to rebuild a tunnel server config. After the last contest weekend!!! I would like to move away from Ubiquity devices for a tunnel server. What HW suggestion dose the team have?  AR750 ?  AR300M16 ?  hAP light ? I would like to have a WAN port and DTD port to tie into the internet and DTD on my manged switch.  The AR750 and hAP look like good options? Now that the runtime-configurable tunnel limits is available. Im looking to test this on supported HW thats dedicated for tunnel connections. I respect the decision to keep the World Wide Tunnel server code privet. Im only looking to run on supported HW but as a dedicated tunnel device. What HW should I choose?   

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