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Trunks to my PBX

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Trunks to my PBX

Hello, all...

I have just setup my PBX a couple of days ago.
My PBX is located in Wayne, NJ with office code 973-33. My PBX handle the calls for 973-3300 to 973-3399 and issues extensions in that range.

I am looking forward to trunk with other PBXs in the MeshPhone network. 

If you are interested, edit the configuration below to match the information for your PBX and email it to me ( I will reply back confirming the trunk and the configuration for both ends. 


; Trunking to AL0Y, Wayne, NJ 

[al0y_m]                           ;Don't change this name. This will be the username I use on my end.
host=              ; This is the IP address for my PBX .. you will need to provide me with yours.
username=xx0xx_m        ;REPLACE xx0xx with your actual callsign. 
secret=s0mePassw0rd    ;Choose any alpha-numeric password .. I will honor it
context=MeshPhone        ;Destination for incoming calls. This should not change

Your routing configuration should look like: 

exten => _97333xx,1,Dial(IAX2/aly_m/${EXTEN}) ; 

Please make sure this is included in your routing "meshphone.conf" file prior to the line: 
exten => _973xxxx,1,GoTo(Utilities,Sorry,1) ; error condition handling 

You will also need to provide me with your location, and the extension range you handle.
and all other trunks that you already have established, so I can route calls to those PBXs via your trunk.

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