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Does anyone use one of these for their VLAN?

I would like to support the old Netgear gear (BBHN, tomato DDWRT) occasionally and run the Ubiquiti VLAN and maybe a 5 Ghz Ad Hoc network later on as 802.11AC devices become more prevalent.

Like many ARES groups we have a pile of these old Netgears and I want to stop dealing with them in my shack.  

I have heard the these do work well under OPENWRT and support VLAN but they can be overloaded when both radios are running.  But for $50 I would be happy if it just worked well as a VLAN and provided occasional extra APs onto the separate Ubiquiti subnet.   I also considered a ASUS RT-N16 but I am not happy with the one I'm using as a part 15 bridge for my YL on the other side of the house.  It freezes/resets often for no reason when more than one person is connected to it.

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I have a TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 on my vlan and its been a solid router on 2.4ghz, but found the range on 5ghz pretty short.  I am still running tplink firmware but have look at upgrading to get some of the duckDNS support I would like to have.





Thanks N8EMR, sounds like what I have been hearing on the net is true for once.

I just ordered my Ubiquiti NB-5G25 and next on the list is the cat5e shielded burial and the TL-WDR3600 and I'll be ready to go. 

When Verdugo goes up I should be ready to test. If not I will see if I can hit Oat. I have line of sight to both from my roof. But I can't get much higher than 600' so Oat may be a challenge.

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