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TP-Link CPE610 now available in Nightly Builds

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TP-Link CPE610 now available in Nightly Builds

The changes for CPE610 are now in the code repository and will be in nighty builds from Dec 4, 2018.   Andrew KK4ZUZ has brought this device to its knees under AREDN, before OpenWrt has support for this device.   Big hand to Andrew!    The specs can be found here:

As always, please post feedback good and bad of your experience with this device.



This device is also available

This device is also available on Amazon

Andrew KK4ZUZ

MODERATOR NOTE:  As an Amazon Associate AREDN, Inc. earns from qualifying purchases.

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Qualifying Amazon purchases

I believe you have to purchase through your (same) Amazon account on in order for a small amount to be dedicated to AREDN.

Orv W6BO

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Smile is different

Actually, Smile is different than their Associate program.  However, as a non-profit 501(c)(3), AREDN also earns a small donation from Amazon when you sign AREDN up as your designated charity and purchase from the functionally identical site.

Andre, K6AH

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Good to know

Good to know, Andre.  Thanks.

Orv W6BI

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