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TP-Link CPE520?

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TP-Link CPE520?

I'm looking around for AREDN compatible gear and the TP-Link CPE units look interesting for an entry-level tactical deployment. Everyone has the CPE510 in stock, but TP-Link's website and the AREDN compatibility guide show a CPE520 which doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere. Is it available in the US? It's a higher power device than the CPE510 and has an extra LAN port.

Also, none of the CPE510s for sale on Amazon or Ebay state the hardware version. Are there significant differences? I could not find a manual for the V1, but the V2 and V3 manuals are the same except that V3 seems to come with a wall mountable PoE adapter.

Anybody have one of these units and how is it working for you?

Wiley KF6IIU

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