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TP-LINK CPE510 5Ghz (NO) POE accepted on the 2nd Port

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TP-LINK CPE510 5Ghz (NO) POE accepted on the 2nd Port
I was going to deploy a TP-LINK  CPE510 on a tower yesterday and discovered that it will not accept POE power on the 2nd port, which is required to be used for DTD connection.  So, either here we go again with 2 cables - one with POE to port 1 and a second cable for data DTD on the 2nd port.  Unlike the Nanostation XW models which can take power and data on the 2nd port (see another thread on this), this TP-LINK device does not "pass-through" the POE power on port 2 to operate the unit.

Has anyone jumpered across the power controller chip or have a good solution for this so we won't have to run 2 cables up the tower?
Is there any work being done to support VLAN2 DTD connection on port 1?

Thinking out loud, I guess we could take the power leads at the far end and connect them to a 2nd RJ45 and plug it into port 1.
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Creative cabling should work,
Creative cabling should work, but you're out of spec if you do that. So for amateur use, have at it. If it is a production node, I'd run two cables.

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