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TP-Link CPE210, NTP not working (Nightly Build)

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TP-Link CPE210, NTP not working (Nightly Build)

I just noticed yesterday that the time was off by 15 minutes in my ​TP-Link CPE210 (v2) node.  I was running nightly #206.  I rebooted and that made it off by a couple of days as well as time still off.  I upgraded to Nightly #214 and the date/time is still wrong.

I checked other nodes on the network and their time was good.  I even rebooted one and the time remained good so the NTP server on the mesh seems good.

I don't know how ling this problem has been with my node.  It's possible it could have been there from day one (earlier builds) and I didn't notice.
Attached is support data. (No, I don't see the upload support data button.)

73 - Mike ab4yy

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(I see the button now!)

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TP-Link CPE210, NTP not working (Nightly Build)

We experienced something similar with an AirRouter a few weeks ago that had been removed from our system and placed in a stand-alone situation with no internet access.  When we brought it up (isolated-no internet) the time was several days off.  Have you verified that this node is connected to a system that has internet access??

It is working now!

It is working now!
We have a NTP server on our mesh network as none of the nodes have Gateway checked off.

On my PC, I tried to ping the host of the NTP server and it did not work.  (I am pretty sure that worked earlier when I was working this issue.)

So I pinged the NTP hose including the .local.mesh and it worked fine.  I changed the configuration in the node to included this fully qualified host name.  The other nodes do not have that and all this used to work.  I am starting to think the problem is on my PC network.

Thanks for replying.  This is likely not an issue anymore.
- Mike ab4yy

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NTP updating

"It is working now! We have a NTP server on our mesh network as none of the nodes have Gateway checked off."

We also have our own NTP server on our local mesh island (with no internet gateways). I have noticed before on our mesh that it seems to take several minutes for a new/modified local node to sync its time with it's defined NTP server. I know it is definitely not instant and does take some time to accomplish. Best to wait for a chunk of time to let it sync before thinking that it's not working. There was some discussion in the past here in an earlier thread about the local node NTP not re-syncing on any interval after that while remaining operational, but I'm not sure about that.

We always use the FQDN (ex: ntpserver,local,mesh) for every node's entry for NTP server.

- Don - AA7AU

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