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TP-Link CPE210 continuous reboots

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TP-Link CPE210 continuous reboots


happy new year and congrats to the very nice work you did and do!

I am Marcus, 37 years old from south-west Germany, close to the black forest.
Actually we are setting up a little AREDN Network on 2,4 and 5 GHz.

We made a short overnight Workshop and flashed several different Ubiquiti devices as well as some CPE510 and 210.
We also set up a VOIP Server and made some easy back-to-back stations as well as some multi stations by using a toughswitch.
Due to our topography we will need a lot of repeater-stations.
After some very exciting hours everything worked well in our workshop - very good job!!
It was an awesome picture to have such an amount of nodes running in parallel connected with phones, raspberries, laptops and so on.

Finally we changed the Channel to -2 on the 2,4GHz devices.
After changing the channel the node is requesting a reboot, so we did that. All nodes came up beside one CPE210.
This device is now continuously rebooting and we have no access. We are not able to use the tftp mode because the
node came up and shut down immediately. We see the IP on the command line and a second later the device is rebooting again.

Does anyone has a solution to get the CPE210 running again?
We are using the latest stable Firmware on the CP210.

Thanks in advance,
Marcus, de DK4MH

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Hi Marcus, I would check your
Hi Marcus, I would check your power supply. Low inadequate power can cause this on any radio. I am not familiar with this device but I would check to see if the correct supply is attached.
Denis, KD1HA   
Hi Denis,
Hi Denis,

Thanks for your answer.
I will replace the power supply later and check if this is the reason.
Actually it is just the original TP-Link power supply with 5m CAT6 cable.

Marcus, DK4MH
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Assuming it is not a hardware
Assuming it is not a hardware failure or related, the tplink recovery procedure could be followed to reload Pharos OS, then load AREDN again to troubleshoot.  Capture a support download in AREDN first boot state, then save settings to find if the failure is reproducible.   If there is a hardware problem, you may not be able to complete the tplink recovery procedure or boot Pharos OS.  

Which hardware version is this CPE210? 
Good evening Joe,
Good evening Joe,

it´s an CPE210 V1.
We tried now a new power supply without success and even it is not possible to get the recovery.bin in
because of the continuous reboots. I will try another tftp program this evening and come back to you.

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In case it is helpful, for
In case it is helpful, for tplink devices, I run the below command on a linux laptop to load the recovery.bin file.  the device is the tftp client and the laptop has to become the tftp server.

dnsmasq -i eno1 --dhcp-range=, --dhcp-boot=recovery.bin --enable-tftp --tftp-root=/tftp/ -d -u joe -p0 -K --log-dhcp --bootp-dynamic

use a dumb switch in the middle so the ethernet  has a link up on the laptop
as root, create a top level directory /tftp
copy recovery.bin to /tftp
set laptop to static IP
substitute "eno1" for the network interface in use on your laptop
substitute "joe" for your unix account name
run the above command as root
press and hold the reset button while applying power, wait to see when recovery.bin is sent, then ctrl-c out of dnsmasq to stop it.    Check to see if the tplink is now in first boot state. 

Don't forget the tplink v1 has odd ethernet port configuration still.   main port is LAN only,  secondary port is DTDLINK/WAN (assuming this version has 2 ports). 

Good morning Joe,
Good morning Joe,

thanks for that quick how-to.
I just received the information that my team-member is on a business trip till Friday,
so we will go ahead at the weekend. I will give a note if we had success or not.

Marcus, DK4MH
Good morning,
Good morning,

Node is running again, but I don´t know why..
We didn´t had to do anything. It was switched off for
3 days and after powering it on again it worked fine!

Thanks for your great support!

For the moment we are running 11 nodes and are growing fast!

Marcus, DK4MH

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