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TP-Link 210 Bricked

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TP-Link 210 Bricked
Nothing better to do in a snow storm,other than bricking a brand new TP-LINK 210v2.

Windows launched a system update while setting up new 210. The flash locked out at 53%. A meshnode wireless connection shows up in net list, it does not seem to have enogh loaded to continue or recover.

How do you recover a 210v2?

Mike (K3MMB)
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MIke,  The tplink devices are
MIke,  The tplink devices are a bit more complicated to recover than Ubiquiti.    It takes a little unix command line knowledge.   the process is similar to the Mikrotik process:
  1. Create a directory on your linux laptop /tftp and copy from the vendor support site the appropriate tp-link recovery .bin image for this device.
  2. Rename this image to recovery.bin
  3. Set the laptop to static IP address
  4. Become root to execute the dnsmasq command in step 5 
  5. Figure out what your network card interface name  is with an 'ifconfig'  ('ipconfig' on windows.)    this is the interface you set to  replace the name of the interface in the following command from "eno1" to what ever yours is.   replace your typical log in name in the command from 'joe' to whatever you login with:

    Command Line Example:

    dnsmasq -i eno1 --dhcp-range=, --dhcp-boot=recovery.bin --enable-tftp --tftp-root=/tftp/ -d -u joe
    -p0 -K --log-dhcp --bootp-dynamic
  6. Connect the tp-link device with your laptop ideally through a dumb switch.   Can be direct cables, but problematic as the links can be down given the timing and things don't work as expected.
  7. Push the reset button on the tp-link, then power it on.  Hold the button until you see output log information from the laptop window where you ran the dnsmasq command, around 20 seconds.  Let up the button as they start communicating.   When you see the "sent" message, this is success and the tp-link should have downloaded the image and will reboot in a minute or two. 
Hopefully, it is now back to factory as received in the mail.   Note, there are some tplink devices we are seeing where this does not work and there isn't a straight forward way, e.g. physically pull the flash chip out and burn an image to it.   I think you're OK with the cpe210v2, but let us know the results. 


could be interesting
Thanks Joe,

The only unix machine I have is a RPIv3. I will tinker with this and keep you informed.

73 de mike
recovery via windos

Found this info:

followed it using my windows 10 laptop, then loaded the mesh firmware. It has worked so far.

73 de Mike
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Link bricked!

Looks like the TP-LINK forum change over to the "New Community" at the first of the year bricked that link and I can't seem to locate that info in their new forums. I recently bricked a CPE220v3 and sure would like to get it running again. Any help appreciated.

BTW: a write-up based on this forum post has the same problem:

- Don - AA7AU

210 unbricked
found recovery from windows machine

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