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Toughswitch POE PRO 8 port

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Toughswitch POE PRO 8 port
Hi All,

I ran out of ports on my 5 port ToughSwitch co I bought an 8 port ToughSwitch. My setup is pretty simple, and I set up the 8 port exactly the same as the 5 port with the addition of 3 more LAN ports. I have several RPi's doing various things I tam testing here. I will probably not have so many going at one time in the end, but for now I need the extra ports.

Port 1 is POE and connected to a NSM2.
Ports 2-7 are LAN ports
Port 8 is a WAN port

My 5 port was set up using the instructions in another post here:

I set up the 8 port exactly the same with the addition of the 3 extra LAN ports.

That setup worked perfectly for the 5 port switch, but on the 8 port, I cannot access anything plugged into a LAN port. The node works, but any of the devices on the LAN ports are simply invisible. No DHCP leases are assigned, and I am completely dead in the water.

Does anyone have any experience with the 8 port switches? Are they somehow different than the 5 port versions? I expected this to be a quick swap out, and not so much :(


Brian - K6BPM
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TS-8-POE Pro works just fine

The switch works just fine - see attached setup pics. I was one device short to test all ports simultaneously. There is a POE powered camera in port 3.
All the devices obtained DHCP addresses from the node in port 1.
Keep in mind that you will have to set the node to serve 13 DHCP addresses, up from the normal 5 host default. You will need 6 addresses if all ports are used, or 7 addresses if you have the switch get a DHCP address from the node.

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Thanks, I had it set up
Thanks, I had it set up identically to yours. I tried again and let it run for awhile. It finally worked but it took about 10 minutes to show DHCP leases. I don't know why a switch replacement would cause that delay. I have a dozen switches in service here and I have never seen that. But it works now. Thanks!
Well I spoke too soon. Either

Well I spoke too soon. Either there is something considerably different with the 8 port boxes or they seriously suck.

It takes 10-15 minutes for DHCP leases to take affect after a switch restart, and the VLAN connection is really slow. Slow like in 1200 baud modem slow. If I plug things back into the 5 port box, everything comes up in as soon as the NSM2 is finished rebooting, and all the DHCP leases are there. The VLAN is back to normal speeds. This doesn't make any sense. Maybe I got a bad box.

I sent this back. I wasted

I sent this back. I wasted pretty much a whole day on trying to get this to work. Fortunately I realized an alternative way to get extra ports easily. I had purchased an AirRouter awhile back. I hadn't used it because it didn't do what I expected it to. But I set it up using the standard AirOS in gateway transparent mode and plugged it into a POE enabled port on my 5 port switch. So I get extra ports and eliminated my AirGateway at the same time! The WiFi connection seems faster and has better range now as well. So all in all, a positive result. I just won't make the mistake of getting another Ubiquiti 8 port switch.

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