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TicketCad - Tickets 3.12A

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TicketCad - Tickets 3.12A
Good Morning All - 

With some assist from Bailey, KK6ORT, TicketCad or Tickets 3.12A as it is known, has been loaded to a Linux server attached to AI6BX-2-AR-QTH. I have just begun configuring the software with local resources in the Redlands, CA area as I become more familiar with the package. Thus far, it is very intuitive and should prove useful for CERT teams and other first responder groups. I invite you to check it out and offer your feedback.

Guest viewing access is available with the guest/guest credentials. Come on over to the CERT Forum to jump in with your feedback and opinions!


Keith AI6BX
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Nice piece of software!
Nice piece of software!
Tnx for the info.

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