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TicketCad - Tickets 3.12A

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TicketCad - Tickets 3.12A

Good Morning All - 

With some assist from Bailey, KK6ORT, TicketCad or Tickets 3.12A as it is known, has been loaded to a Linux server attached to AI6BX-2-AR-QTH. I have just begun configuring the software with local resources in the Redlands, CA area as I become more familiar with the package. Thus far, it is very intuitive and should prove useful for CERT teams and other first responder groups. I invite you to check it out and offer your feedback.

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Keith AI6BX

How have you gotten around

How have you gotten around the Google Maps dependency?

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and more deeply, the JS and

I've change the maps to a local map server, but, and more deeply, the JS and image dependencies where a big issue.  Last time we used it, we had to heavily modify the source and copy a large amount of JS libs, images, and change corresponding references.  I don't think we ever found them all and finished.  Does the new version have a better way to go "true offline"?

Still playing

i am still playing with the system a bit with both web access and then removing web access to see what is lost or non functional in the absence of a gateway. I will have to keep you posted.

I will also note that Google

I will also note that Google serves all content including maps via HTTPS which is encrypted which in itself may pose issues.

NTM various license requirement around using Google maps (must not be firewalled, must be open to all, etc)

TicketCad looks great and I keep hearing people "starting" to convert it to OSM but never heard of a finished version.

If could get such a solution written even once it would be a starting ground to maintain a tree for all mesh users to use. (Wish I had the time to sit down and do as such )


The current version has converted to using which is not coming through on https ports so should relieve any challenges with encrypted traffic on the Mesh however still leaves the challenge of accessing maps when a wan gateway is not present. I am looking for options, like Daryl, I am looking for the best way to cache maps on my server eliminating the need for an Internet connection.

Keith - AI6BX

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We have added our own OSM

We have added our own OSM server and pointed TicketsCAD to use it.  I think that particular setting is configurable.
It's all the other 3rd party resources that are the pain (Javascript libs, images, css files, etc).  You basically have to:

  1. identify all of them
  2. download them locally
  3. find the location in the source that references them, and change the source.
Oh wow,

Oh wow,

Sounds like I'm way behind on my TicketsCad development status.

Guess I need to give it another look!

Thanks for the updated info!

Has anyone ever "completed"

Has anyone ever "completed" an offline version of TicketsCAD? I am looking to deply Tickets, and a couple other server based services (like ownCloud or OnlyOffice --with these... I also have to check offline capabilities) in a ready-to-go server for local mesh deployments. If there is not a complete "offline" option for TicketsCAD... I'll begin working on converting it myself. Any help or pointers in that regard would be appreciated!

On a side note: I see according to a google groups post in the 'Open Source CAD' group that there is a new version of TicketsCAD available. I'll be downloading that & seeing how any updates look.!topic/open-source-cad/oWScru9KKC4

73 for now,

APRS Tracking

Also with offline capabilities... Has anyone gotten the APRS tracking to work with a local mesh (RPi with PiTNC) server running Xastir? I see references online, but haven't found clear instructions... yet, but I've just started to look into it.

Offline deployment

Yes,, KD2HKB, I have completed an offline deployment of TicketsCad. My system is set up with its own tile server, mesh based email server, and messaging server. I left the Raspberry Pi domain when I did this and have the system loaded on a single rack Dell blade server at my repeater site so it has both battery and generator backup power as well further hardening the system. 

At this time, the server is running Debian 9 with Tickets, email, map tiles, and messaging services. I have not yet deployed the APRS system you mentioned but am working on that so that is the one place I am still cheating and allowing a port to In addition, I am preparing to deploy WinMor/WinLink for mail services outside what can be deployed over Mesh.

You are correct that Tickets has released a new version, 3.23. There are some definite upates as well as some bug fixes so it is worth the update. Some of the improvements also enhance support of mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones. If you go this route, it is well worth looking at your deployment of Mesh APs or having them in your pocket for mobile deployment of ham groups during disaster.

Keith - AI6BX

Thanks for the info!

Hi Keith, thanks for the info. Like I said above, I'm going to start this process myself. Is there any helpful tips you could offer for getting it offline or is it pretty straight forward?

I guess the hangup I see is more with the maps, so I'm kinda interested in how you got your map server running. Also, like previously mentioned, I'l like to get Xastir integrated with it for a total 'offline' experience... especially since internet accessibility can be flakey for some of the regular events that go on in my area.

Thanks for you input,
Matthew Jenne

Yes, I have a fully offline version of Tickets

i am running a fully offline version of TicketsCad at this time and have also added a Winlink Relay server to assist in the communications functions of Tickets.

Anyone has deployed the

Anyone has deployed the software vía dockers?
I'm trying to deploy a server only using dockers, so for me it's easy to make a docker-compose.yaml with all services and create some directories for persistence. 

Kind regards

I have not


I have not tried this at this time and not aware of anyone who has. If you do come across someone who has, please let us know.


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