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Thinking About AREDN

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Thinking About AREDN
Been tossing it around but not sure what all i would need,plus it look's like there is only two in my area and there about 20 miles from me.Anyhow what all would be needed for complete setup.I currently have a newer netgear router with high speed internet 50mps dwnld and up to 12mps upld.I have DMR figured out but like to experiment with newer nodes.I did have a 2mtr packet station up but i know they are dinosars so any help ot suggestions i am open for them.
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KE4HGP,   Here's what I'd
KE4HGP,   Here's what I'd recommend as a get started list (there isn't one right answer of course):

1)  NanoBridge M5 (I'd go with the larger one of the 2 sizes).   Could substitute a PowerBeam 300 or 400 dish size with firmware only available in the nightly build download and will be in an upcoming release.   Put this on the roof and point to someone 20 miles away (assuming there is line of sight and freznel zone clearance).  5Ghz will allow many channel options in the future (2Ghz only really has 1 usable channel).  These are $50 to $100 depending on buying new/used or in bulk. 
2) AirRouter in the shack.  This will allow you to plug in multiple devices to try out:  laptop, VOIP phone, ipCam, etc.   It will also have a WAN port to connect to your home netgear router.  Then you can "tunnel" over the internet to another ham to connect until you have a RF connection.  $35 to $50 (High Power vs low power).   
3) cat5 from shack to roof.   You can get the low cost cables for ~$10 or $20, but they will degrade in UV and weather.   Best to get a good outdoor UV protected cat5 cable, going to be ~$30 to $50 depending on length.

Often times, people get a Nanostation starting out.   I find that 20 miles is on the outer range using these devices, however if you are attempting to connect up with multiple neighbors at the same time, you may need a device like this with Sector coverage.   In my area, we've put up hub cell sites with the much larger sector coverage gain antennas. So everyone only needs a small dish (nanobridge or powerbeam) to connect in.  

OK thank's does it matter on freq?I noticed on map most use the 2.8 i think?






This is what i am looking at is this compatible?And if so do you now where the best place to order it from?

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Purchasing AREDN compatible devices

Check out the supported hardware matrix on this web site.  If you look carefully, you can click on most models listed, including the 2 here.   This will jump you to an amazon link to be assured of the right model.    Anyone and Everyone that orders from Amazon should click these AREDN links to jump to Amazon as the AREDN team gets a tiny referral fee.   Over time there is enough $$ to buy new hardware we are researching to bring under support.  

Equipment ?
Ubiquiti Litebeam M5-23, 5 GHz, 23 dBi, airMAX CPE

Also have looked at this one?
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One of the things that new folks don't appreciate right away is that you really need a line-of-sight path for this stuff to work.  I see on the map that you have some pretty impressive trees around your house. So you if you operate your node at home you will need to get over those.  Lets say you have a 100 ft tower.  The places you could reach are shown here:
this tool gives line-of-sight from your 100 ft tower to a spot 6 ft high.  But it is also a reasonable approximation of what two 50 foot towers would do (again, providing you clear the trees).

It would be great if you could find a QSO partner somewhere within 5-10 miles, for example one of the hams shown on the grid map (attached)

Alternatively you could work on developing a portable setup and take advantage of being able to shoot up and down the coastline. Again, having a local ham to partner with would be almost a requirement.

The third approach is to get access to some tall building, water towers, etc.  For that you would want to work with a local radio club so you could have ARES or some other public service organization for backing.  That might get you onto a tall structure that would otherwise be in accessible.  Although due to the air base in your "backyard" I am guessing there are not a lot of tall structures....

GL & 73

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