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TFTP problem loading to Nanostation M5

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TFTP problem loading to Nanostation M5

This is probably a rookie problem, and if answered elsewhere, please point me. I am trying to upload firmware to a Nanostation M5. I haven't used TFTP before, but what I see on the command line is different from what is on the detailed instructions for the M5. For example, there is no "bin" command; so, I am unsure of what commands to use to load the file to the M5. I can get to the AirOS on the M5, I can get the 1-3, 2-4 lights on the M5 when I put it in TFTP mode. Any help would be appreciated.

Bob WM6Q

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'bin' is a command that you
'bin' is a command that you issue inside your tftp client.   Or, if it is a GUI client, you may see an option for "Binary Transfer Mode", or, similar.
that's what is does.
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I am using a cmd line
I am using a cmd line starting "TFTP", so I don't have a GUI client. I was just trying to follow the AREDNMESH detailed instructions, which don;t match what I see on the screen. Sorry, have never used TFTP before

tftp command

From windows once you have the tftp client installed you can use this command to upload the factory firmware.

tftp -i PUT "[PATH TO BIN FILE]"


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