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TFTP issues on Air Router

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TFTP issues on Air Router
Good evening!

I'm trying load firmware into an Air Router (v5.6.5), and keep on getting a "Connect request failed".  I've followed the instructions at

I get the alternating flashing lights on the Air Router (1-3 and 2-4) for TFTP mode.  The TFTP server is enabled in Windows.

The TFTP command that I'm issuing is:
tftp -i put C:\Temp\aredn-

The computer hangs for a few seconds before responding with a "Connect request failed".  

I also tried using TFTP2 -- a failure.

In case it was a firewall issue, I checked my AV protection (Sophos), and I made sure that the Windows Defender was turned off.  

All insights are welcome.

Thank you!
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The address of the device is
The address of the device is

tftp -i put C:\Temp\aredn-
Update -- much later!
My apologies for the late response. 

Thank you, that worked.  But the installation instructions are very specific:

"Target the default IP address of your Ubiquiti node, such as or for AirRouters."

I used for the Airrouter.

73, Jeff AL1Q

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