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Hi All, I am considering purchasing some M2 gear that is apperently running V. 6.1.3 firmware. As far as I can tell I will need to use TFTP to downgrade to 5.6.15 before I can continue with the AirOS GUI. I have looked around for a tutorial on how to do this with TFTP but have not found anything. Can someone please point me towards a tutorial on downgrading via TFTP? Thanks and 73, Augustine W8AWT
downgrade via AirOs Web UI.

The nightly build should also have fixes in it that allow direct flashing via tftp without an AirOs downgrade

EDIT: 1/22/18 @ 3:54 PT
Removed note about requiring downgrade via AirOs, The first downgrade needs to be via TFTP on many devices and then the second needs to be by  AirOs to get the bootloader to downgrade..

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Sorry but Im still confused :(
Sorry, but Im confused. So to install AREDN on XM hardware running AirOS 6.1.3, do I need to use TFTP or not? If I do need TFTP can you explain how to do it on windows or point me to a tutorial?

Thanks a lot!
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if you want to load,
if you want to load, you will need to downgrade AirOS to 5.x FIRST.

Caveat: you MAY have to downgrade to an "UNSIGNED" AirOS 6.x BEFORE going to AirOS 5.x.
The tutorial above about
The tutorial above about installing firmware via TFTP is the same steps for flashing AirOs using TFTP.

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