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tftp error code

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tftp error code

I have a handful of bricked Nanostations I'm try to recover.  Three of them (Nanostation Loco M2 and two Picostation M2s) that, during a binary tftp transfer report:  "Error code 2: firmware check failed".  This happens regardless of what firmware I'm trying to install.

Any ideas?

To follow up on this, both Picostations are flashing the signal strength LEDs alternately, 1&3, then 2&4.  I've read that that's a possible hardware failure.  Additionally, doing a port scan shows no ports open.  I suspect at least those two radios are beyond hope.   Other opinions?

Assuming all hardware is good
Assuming all hardware is good(including network cables) its either wrong firmware file, or they were AirOs 5.6 or newer and you are trying to load an AREDN or AirOS 5.5 on them.w
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I've not yet run into a node
I've not yet run into a node that couldn't be recovered so far, barring a hardware failure. It takes a little more surgery, but following this procedure should recover the devices: Joe AE6XE
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Thanks, Joe.  I obtained a serial-USB converter just for this a while back; guess it's time to give it a shot.

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