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TFTP connect request failed

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TFTP connect request failed

I tried to find a topic on this issue but failed so I need to ask.
  I'm trying to load AREDN software into a M5 rocket XW. I write tftp -i put downloads\aredn- into the command prompt and it seems to take but comes back "Connect Request Failed"
The node is flashing red/yellow and appears in the tftp mode.
Network setting is


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I would try the following:

I would try the following:

1) at the command prompt, go to the directory where the file you wish to load to the Ubiquiti device is located and try again.

2) If that doesn't work, make sure your firewall is turned off.

Please keep us posted.

--Dan Meyer


Firewall off but no

Firewall off but no connection.

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Also connect the computer and

Also connect the computer and node through a simple Ethernet switch (dumb switch) so that the switch can maintain the computer’s network link while the node is being rebooted.

I put a dumb switch  between

I put a dumb switch  between the computer and node but no help

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The only thing I can thing of

The only thing I can think of then is the is the file in the correct directory? tftp -i put  C:/ aredn- and are you sure that the M5 is a XW and not a XM? 

You need a full path name to the download directory for tftp

I wrote up a more detailed set of instructions for the Windows tftp procedure in this post:

My example uses the previous AREDN firmware version downloaded to the user "desktop" file location. Note the full path name to the filename is specified including the drive letter prompt and username.
To make this easier, you may want to edit the command in notepad and save to a sticky note, then paste into your CMD window. You can copy the filename and path by right clicking the firmware file and viewing properties once it is on your desktop.
Good luck!
73, Brett


 I checked the version and it

 I checked the version and it is XW. When I tried load the latest AREDN firmware, it kept flashing in tftp mode. The flashing lights never changed and the cmd prompt said no connection. I then tried to load an earlier version. When I did that, the tftp lights stopped flashing and the green light on the left was steady, the green light next to it was flasjing, the next was red light on steady the next light not on, the next green light on steady and the last light not on. It stayed this way for maybe 4 minutes then the cmd prompt opened a new search and a few seconds later the node went back to tftp mode. The cmd did not say anything happened.
 I've never had a problem programming . Another xw I had from a maybe 2 years ago was on nightly build and I just updated it to the newest version with no problem.

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