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TFTP client not available

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TFTP client not available

I am attempting to do my first flash of a Ubiquiti node with v3.18.9.0.  This requires my first use of TFTP.  Using my Win-7 lap top system,  when I step through the Control Panel sequence and click on "turn Windows features on"  I get the wait notice and then the box goes blank.  No list of features and boxes with check marks appears.    When I go through the same Control Panel sequence on my Win-7 Box system it works, I get the features list, I check the TFTP box  and I can get the command line to work properly.  I could do the flash with the Box system, but I want the portability of the lap top so I am being stubborn. 

The lap top is connected to the web via  router and ethernet and the firewall is turned off.  I have spent several hours searching the web and AREDN forum trying to find why the laptop does not list the Windows features.

thanks,  Hugh  KW5X

Try with one of these:

Try with one of these:
Very simple to use utility,

Or a more advanced one,

thanks for the reply.   I

thanks for the reply.   I have been working with the Linksys method.  Seems to work properly until I press the "upgrade" button, then I get an error message saying:  "Unable to get response from the server"   so I do not have access to the node I am attempting to flash.

any ideas about that ?


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Another TFTP option for WinDoze

I used TFTPutil (apparently quite old but latest was v1.45) on my old WinXP laptop (which I still use often) for flashing four M2 Rockets (new and used) last fall with great success:

Never did try it on my Win7 laptop, but I would attempt to do so again if I had to tftp/flash another Rocket. I do know that my Win7 is very sensitive, especially in timing, to having service asserted/rebooted repeatedly on its NICs and it seems like most AREDN installs take the internet port up and down a couple times during POST. May be a timing issue with the DHCP handshake, don't know.

- Don - AA7AU

edited to add: apparently not designed for Win7 so will continue to use it on my XP laptop - works well, GUI is much easier than CLI approach - here's another link to version I'm using on XP:

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