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Testing the packet storm mitigation patch

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Testing the packet storm mitigation patch
The patch to mitigate OLSR packet storms which was developed by Tim KN6PLV, was rolled into the AREDN nightly builds in build 571.  Since then on the West Coast we've been rolling it out in both Southern California and in the Bay area and have achieved an uptake into over 30% of the combined nodes.

We plan to do a large linking effort on Saturday, October 30th (see announce on the main page), but today we did a 'test test' on the West Coast, linking the Bay area to Southern California via a tunnel.  The net result was a network of about 550 nodes and - nothing else...  No packet storms, nothing. So far it's been very well-behaved.   

If you'd like to participate Saturday, read the info about the upcoming "Meshoween" on the AREDN front page and we'll really test the latest AREDN software!  If successful, limits to growing AREDN-based ham radio networks will be removed (except maybe for older hardware that can't handle the increased load...)


Orv W6BI
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Now Nightly 613 10/30/21
Nightly 613 released 10/31/21 - Happy MESH-O-WEEN!

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