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Testing new software

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Testing new software

The AREDN devs are working on the software updates needed to support a new generation of hardware.  That hardware, in addition to supporting
the 802.11n protocol that the AREDN software currently uses, also now supports 802.11ac.   To support that hardware the AREDN code needs (among other things) new drivers.  That integration effort is now well underway.

However this new generation of code needs to be tested on all the currently supported equipment.   If you have one of the devices listed in this Google Docs
not shown in green and would like to assist in the code testing, please consider sending it to Tim KN6PLV.  His info is good on  If you do
donate one of the listed devices, please put your callsign in the "Contributed by" column, so he doesn't get inundated with multiple identical devices.

Thanks in advance!
Orv W6BI
AREDN Ambassador

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