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Testing Needed for Release Candidate

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Testing Needed for Release Candidate

Testing Needed for Release Candidate

The AREDN development team has completed significant improvements to the current stable firmware. Several security fixes are now in place.
The changes in this release include:

  • Security vulnerabilities in various OLSR plugins are fixed. Please note that all prior versions of AREDN and BBHN firmware are affected

  • Removal of the OLSR “httpinfo” plugin and the corresponding “OLSR Status” button on the menu. If you need to get the OLSR data, use the OLSR jsoninfo plugin on port 9090

  • Added device protection from bricking if running AirOS 5.6+ when updating to AREDN.  Now you can simply TFTP AirOS back onto the device and downgrade properly before upgrading to AREDN

You can download the firmware here

Please report any issues to the AREDN GitHub and indicate that your issue is on v3.16.2.0

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I pushed the nighty build 2

I pushed the nighty build 165-69813a5 2 weeks ago too 2 regularly supported devices , as of tonight the upload button stays grayed out after i select the .bin 

Hoping to get rid of this on the the other one .... 

boardid: 0xe845
Device has not been tested. Please file a ticket with your experiences.


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I noticed that this button

I noticed that this button gets greyed when I have a tunnel connection to another node. 
if this is your case, just disable the tunnel connection and come back to that page, the upload button should be fine. 

Sysupgrade fails and requires tftp to recover

I tried to install AREDN- on a 5 GHz NanoBridge device but it hung the device and I had to do tftp to recover.

  • I tried the GUI sysupgrade from ​aredn-179 and it failed, requiring tftp.  I did this cycle twice with no success.
  • After recovering to aredn-179 (factory), I did a GUI sysupgrade to aredn-186 successfully (as expected).  Then I tried the GUI sysupgrade to AREDN- and it failed again, requiring tftp to recover.

Maybe I would need to downgrade from the recent Nightrly Build to something older before trying to upgrade to AREDN-

The good news is I am getting really good at doing the tftp recover process!
73 - Mike ab4yy

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  1. If your device is running, or a nightly build AND you DIDNT previously downgrade AirOS to 5.5, then you MUST go thru the AirOS downgrade process before installing as the newer (5.6+) AirOS provided bootloader is not compatible with 3.16.x.x
  2. If your device is running, or a nightly build, when you install the node's password will revert to the default value.  (There was a change after to better secure the password and there's no way to reverse that during a downgrade. )
Dead node too

I thought the downgrade requirement went away some time ago during the old nightly series. Is a step ahead or back then in this sense? Can we clarify who should be testing it vs. the nightly build testers?

It seems one should stay with the nightly builds if one can't remember which of their nodes went from 5.6 > 5.5 and which didn't.

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Yeah.   i can be a little

Yeah.   i can be a little confusing. is based on the old code branch and only contains security patches (and the single feature to prevent devices from being bricked if the node is on a new AirOS bootloader and that would require a serial port recovery.  instead, this feature protects the node if if finds a newer AirOs bootloader, but will still respond to a TFTP load)

the nightly builds are the most recent FEATURE builds and has fixes to eliminate the need to downgrade.  The nighty will become version 3.18.x.x when released.

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