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Tennessee 2019

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Tennessee 2019

2018 was a great year for our AREDN "Southmesh" network in Tennessee.  We are now operating 157 full-time Nodes with 569 OLSR entries online and looking forward to expanding both East and West this year with RF links. We also are connected to a nice system in South Alabama, Florida, NJ, NC and of course the fabulous mostly "RF" system in Anchorage Alaska that I helped get started with Kent KL5T over 3 year ago over the phone!  In the mean time, there is a renewed effort in East TN (Knoxville Area) with an "Off-Grid" group that is really fired up and getting organized.  I look forward to providing updates as they get their system built out.  We have other exciting projects in the works involving Mapping, Incident Logging/Tracking and our VOIP Network continues to expand with 5+ PBX fixed systems and many portable/deployable systems available with links to the fabulous N2MH "WorldWide" VOIP MESHPhone network.  We have a very talented group of members and look forward to attracting more.  Another "New" feature that we have implemented this year is the expanded use of Google Hangouts and have established several specialty groups: 1. YSF (Yaesu System Fusion) for linking repeaters  2. MTEARS NCS 3. GRLEVEL3 "Power Users"   4. SOUTHMESH  - AREDN Tunnel Hosts & Developers.  More to come!  If you have an interest in any of these areas, feel free to contact me direct, leave a message on our TNMeshChat Zone, Holler on our MTEARS UHF Linked Repeater network, or YSF "Nashville-Hub" Room.  Have a great day "Y'All"! 73, Tom - K1KY MTEARS/SouthMesh Operations Coordinator

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