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Sysupgrade fails during first install on hAP ac lite

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Sysupgrade fails during first install on hAP ac lite
I have a mysterious problem when performing a first install on an hAP ac lite which never happened to me before, although I have successfully installed AREDN sw on a number of Mikrotik devices.
I can install the AREDN os without any problem and access the GUI on to start installing the sysupgrade. I have tried both versions, uploading from my PC and directly from the Internet through the WAN port. Both versions appear to work, sw is installed, reboot happens, but then there is no way to access the node any longer. It does not provide an IP address on a LAN port, nor does it fetch an IP address on the WAN port.
Given that I succeeded with the installation of the os it is unlikely that it is a hw problem.
Has anybody encountered this problem before?

vy 73 Wolfgang
Sysupgrade fails during first install on hAP ac lite
DF2SI, Wolfgang, have you tried a prior version of sysupgrade.bin than the current stable version, or does it happen with all versions of the released firmware?
I'm going to generally agree
I'm going to generally agree with KC1IZC but say it in a different way.  In the past, I've had nodes that would not take the latest kernal.bin file and give me the first AREDN screen like you mention.  I found out by accident that once you get ANY kernel.bin file loaded, you can then jump from the earlier version to the latest sysupgrade.bin file for the next step.  I'd go to an earlier version of the kernel.bin and see if you can ping the node at then proceed from there.

Hope something works,
Thanks for the replies! I had
Thanks for the replies! I had tried an earlier version of the sysupgrade.bin, without success. I will follow Ed's advice and try with an earlier kernel version. I will keep you posted!
I give up
Nothing has worked. I have no idea what the problem is, but since I never had such an issue before I decided to return the box and get a new one.
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The one issue is for me is, I
The one issue for me is, I often forget to switch ports after the firmware upload and I have done more than a dozen. We have a grant with about 15 or so but it always takes the newest firmware once I realize my mistake.  


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