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SW Ohio - Mesh group

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SW Ohio - Mesh group

The Dayton vicinity has a substantial Mesh base in operation, that is ever expanding:

Miami Valley Mesh Alliance web site:

local area info page:

Check 'em out !

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The Dayton vicinity has an expanding Mesh base

Currently 56 nodes:
57% 2.4 GHz
26% 5.9 GHz
09% 3.4 GHz
06% 900 MHz
If you have not viewed our mesh in 2 years, look again.
We have active: 12x audio/video IP phones, 10x IP cameras,
2x PBXs, 3x MeshChat and weekly net, live meshmap,
A/V teleconferencing, 6x web/file servers.

We have loaners to 'try before you buy'.

Chuck nc8q

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Where to find more information

Here is where to find more information about SouthWest Ohio AREDN mesh activity:

Here are the archives of our mail list service:

If you are interested in subscribing visit this page:

Many active meshers are available after the Greene County ARES nets on 146.91 on Tuesdays at 9PM.


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