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Status on Testing

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Status on Testing

To keep you informed of our progress on AREDN, here’s a list changes/fixes/additions since the test release of Beta 2: 

  • Fixed a couple of issues with the WiFi scan  and in the process made it much more useful
  • Added a new sysinfo.json page which exposes many of the configuration, operational, and status parameters.  This provides a lightweight programming API that can be used to retrieve node metadata.
  • Various sysupgrade fixes
  • Various tunneling fixes
  • Fixed the package repo designation (Barrier Breaker instead of Attitude Adjustment)
  • Added support for a new model of Rocket M5 w/USB
  • Fixed the TPLink power configuration issues
  • Added max power tracking controls on a per channel basis
  • Added additional info to the support data dump to further enhance supportability and debugging

We are still working to resolve a reproducible RF bug---we’ve affectionately named “deaf channel”---that we have seen occur during the beta test.  It is elusive, but, we are working with the OpenWrt team on this as it appears to have been introduced with the upgrade to Barrier Breaker.  This is the last remaining/known issue that is keeping us from releasing the next beta/release candidate for AREDN  
We appreciate your patience.  We are all eager to put enhancements into production, but the team wants it to be a solid release.  Stay tuned. 

Andre, K6AH


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