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Staten Island


I am located in Staten Island and have a great view into NJ. I had a mesh setup in the past but couldnt find anyone to link up to. If anyone is in the SI area or NE NJ let me know, I'll get my setup going again. 


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Hi Joe,

There are a number of meshers in northeast NJ. Unfortunately, most of them are in Bergen county and are probably unreachable for you. Go to the Map link at the top of this page and you can see where they are located.

I live in West Orange on top of a hill and may be reachable to you if you are on the north shore of SI. I'm running on 2 GHz on channel -2 @ 5 MHz bandwidth. You didn't mention what kind of equipment you have, but if it is directional, point it to the northwest and give it a try. You will need to have the node outside and as high as you can. If you are behind Todt Hill, most likely it won't work.

A good starting point would be to see how my UHF repeater comes into your QTH. It's on 442.600 with a PL of 141.3 Hz. If you can hear it with a very strong signal, you might be able to see my node. If the repeater is weak, a node to node link probably will not work.


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