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For those who are deploying Ubiquiti equipment, what is the general consensus as to what are you naming the SSID? I have seen both AREDN and BroadbandHamnet. I know that the SSIDs must be the same in order to talk to each other.

The SSIDs only need to be the same for nodes and networks connected by RF.

Its really up to what you want. Since most Ubiquiti nodes are operating on ch -2, to me it doesn't make sense to use "BroadbandHamnet". If you're concerned about mobile units "passing through" you could use something more common like "AREDN" but with our network being primarily EMCOMM, we don't care about transient users. Here in So Arizona we name ours SOAZ. If we wanted to connect our network to other "island" networks, we could either tunnel to that "island" or do a backbone link from a P-to-P node (long haul link) that would have a DtD link to a local node. If your node can't see any other nodes in your local network, you could tunnel to another node via the internet provided there is a node in your local network that is set up as a tunnel server.

Hope that makes sense.

Bob, W7REJ

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