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The Southern California Linux Expo

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The Southern California Linux Expo
The 15th annual Southern California Linux Expo will be held March 2-5, 2017 at the Pasadena Convention Center.  What does that have to do with ham radio?  More and more every year, actually.

SCALE is unique among computer shows; they give a booth to any Open Source software group that has a good story to tell.  As a result, of the 100+ booths on the Expo floor, about a third aren't try to sell you anything - not for money, anyway :-)

And starting last year, SCALE hosted:

An event station, N6S, operating HF from PCC.  
A license exam session - SCALE tested over 35 hams
And AREDN, the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network, had a booth on the Expo floor.  AREDN writes firmware to move Ubiquiti and TP-Link wireless access points down into the Part-97 only portions of the 2.4 and 5 GHZ bands.  Users of the AREDN code are creating local networks and providing resources (web sites, VOP phone switches,  webcams, etc) for hams and emergency responders to use.

For this year's SCALE, all the events of the previous year will be reprised plus a BOF (Birds of a Feather) session will be hosted by AREDN.  

BOFs are meetings among small groups that want to get together and discuss their project.  SCALE provides meeting rooms in the evenings free of charge.  The AREDN (ham digital networking) group will meet on the evening of the 4th (Saturday).   It will be a free-wheeling discussion covering whatever topics the group likes.  It could be
  • Meet & Greet / Face to Face / Introductions
  • AREDN firmware overview
  •  Firmware installation demo
  • Application discussion / presentation
  • Local network backfill discussion
  • Q & A - a few of the AREDN developers will be there to take your questions (well, at least one :-)
  • and whatever else the group decides on.
For those interested in getting started with Linux, SCALE holds training sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  In the morning an Installfest is held - bring a machine and the SCALE training proctors will help you get Linux installed on it.  In the afternoon a trainer from the Linux Foundation will cover basic system administration skills.

The classes are first come, first served so if you're interested, come early to get a seat.
Hardware requirements are posted on the SCALE web site.

As an organizer of SCALE I have some free admissions to hand out.  Ping me separately if you're interested.

SCALE is a fun event.  You'll enjoy yourself more than you think!


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