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Sonicwall Issues

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Sonicwall Issues
I installed a Sonicwall into my network to help me better segment my network, and so far it's working 50%.
You see, I have a local LAN(wired clients) in the 192.168.1.x range, and everything is happy, and traversing the network.  I then setup a second lan on another port, and put it in the 192.168.10.x range and plugged in my Meraki AP.  I then setup a x0/1 virtual adapter(on VLAN1) and it serves out the IP in the 192.168.168.x range.  The WAN works fine on the mesh node, and can download firmware etc.  All clients in the LAN(wired clients) can access the node on the 192.168.1.x range because the mesh node's LAN is in that range.  The issue is when I try accessing the node from a wireless client in the 192.168.10.x range.  I can access any other IP except that one.  I checked the logs in the sonicwall, and found this:

  Message                                                                                                                                                                            Source                                Destination
IP spoof dropped, X0:V1, X2 icmp

I looked more into it, and it's caused by the fact that since the LAN and WAN share a MAC address, it blocks it when traffic is trying to travese the router because it thinks it is a spoofed address.  I have been fighting this fo a couple days.  I REALLY like the VPN functionality and how secure this product is, but I am rather frusterated that sonicwall does not make is easier to allow duplicate MAC addresses.  I have seen some articles that have an option to allow duplicate MACS like this but I dont have that  option in my unit.  I have a Sonicwall TZ215W
If any sonicwall users could help out, that would be great.

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