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Is Solar Sourced 802.3af POE or Passive POE practical?

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Is Solar Sourced 802.3af POE or Passive POE practical?

Has anyone successfully supported remote, stand alone IP POE powered Cameras with inherent 802.11b/g/n wifi capability from small'ish solar systems?

My immediate conceptual challenge is to determine if  802.11af or passive poe sourced from nominal 12V batteries will work, and if so, within what parameters.

The initial camera I have on hand is a Tri-Vision NC-335PW HD 1080P  with a 90 degree angular coverage lens that claims to have a long range (100meter) PIR trigger & (11 meter)  night illumination capability.  Power Requirements for this unit are  DC 12v @ 3.75 watts.  

Building  two or three stand alone, tripod & mast or tree/fence post mounted kits using smallish 30 (20?) to 50 watt solar panels and one or two of the 9AH SLA format batteries (or maybe even larger capacity and lighter weight LifePo4 batteries if I can safely arrive at a good solution for their specific charging requirements) seems like a good investment so long as I gain confidence the same kit will support AREDN Ubiquiti radios and/or probably the more useful for Demo/Public Service/Emcomm TPZ cameras.

I have an initial set up (30 watt panel, 5amp potted pwm charger with a pair of 9AH SLA batteries) that I can begin testing with once I'm able to actually measure what the avg daily accretion of 12v AH is after depletion by (in this case) 3.75 watts around the clock for 48 to 72 hours.   Yes, the rate of draw down does have an impact on overall 'depletion', especially for Lead Acid based technology but I think this will do for initial proof of concept validation.   I do recognize that for hard to access sites a low voltage disconnect with auto reset is essential.

I know all this can be theoretically calculated but I generally feel compelled to incrementally test the validity of *anything* that relies on marketing claims absent trustworthy data by 'makers'  or implementers vs manufacturers.

I will be reading the 802.3af RFC RSN.

...dan wl7coo

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