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Software to use over the mesh

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Software to use over the mesh
Hi folks.  Just got started today with a used NanoStation.  Node appears functional.  Any suggestions for software to use over the node, such as IRC, Voice over IP, video streaming, etc?  Map at does not show any nodes here in Heber Valley.  My idea for now is to operate portable from my truck with a small inverter to power the laptop and NanoStation.
Keith - KE4TH
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Too many to count!
Search the forums, but basically anything you can run on the Internet, subject to Part 97 regulations.   We use web servers, drop boxes, VOIP PBXes, video chat (TeamTalk is popular), weather stations, IRC servers, MeshChat servers and network monitoring software.   All sorts of stuff.
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Consider a web server on an RPi, Meshchat, perhaps a couple of IP phones or a small Asterisk Allstar PBX and IP radio interface.  Of course IP cameras are always fun, too!
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT 
Well it’s already been said
Well it’s already been said there are virtually limitless applications to use.

I however am going to recommend against VoIP or any other technology that needs real time data transmission and can not be delay tolerant.

While VoIP may work well in labs and small field deployments once you get on a network with heavy traffic and large data sets (think watching HD cameras and large file transfers) wireless links become horrible for Audio which can not accept jitter (changes in packet delay)

I’m still a believer that audio is best done via standard voice radios.  I’m not aware of any mesh networks that are using VoIP to date that have intentionally tried to thrash the network to prove that it will remain reliable.  Winlink, webcams(a little better than audio but not impervious), web pages, file transfers, emails, etc anything that isn’t “real time” can live pretty well with these networks but I don’t personally think VoIP will survive onslaught use of the networks.

VoIP is a cool demo item but my years of network administration tell me it’s a poor choice to rely on, I’ve had issue with wireless VoIP inside a building due to congestion to say nothing of trying to go miles.

PS: They make passive PoE injectors that you can use direct from your battery for the mesh node as long as you keep the distance from battery short(you can then use a wireless access point or a Long network cable to move to the laptop)

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