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So, you realize you want to buy 'XM' and not 'XW, ' what next?

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So, you realize you want to buy 'XM' and not 'XW, ' what next?

I'm waiting for a call back from a very helpful person at Flytec who offered to go look at what they have in stock and if necessary light up one of each freq NS loco up to see if they are 'XM' or not.

Apparently since Ubiquiti stopped indicating whether they are 'XM' or 'XW' on the  retail package labeling that is the only way to be sure.

Is anyone able to comment on AREDN intent, re:  code modification,  if necessary, to ensure  an 'XW' only supply stream will not limit growth?
I think this may become a frequently asked question as less 'new in box' old stock can be located.

Have I not yet located a discussion or FAQ on this topic?

...dan wl7coo

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This just came via email from another source I asked:

How can we be sure we'll be getting XM vs XW?

As a 'Caveat Emptor' wrt Amazon purchases - I extended this dialogue and replied to their question at the end of their response immediately below about what we're looking for because, as Andre so aptly points out,  "Legacy Rocket M5" and "Legacy NanoLoco M5" manufactured since 1/1/2014 are not AREDN or XM capable. 

I now fully appreciate why every similar discussion ends with "refer to".

"XM is for all of the older Airmax radios.   XW is for the newer Nanobeam radios and Airmax AC products.   All of our radios are new products, but some are legacy Airmax and some are the newer Nanobeam models.   You would want to stay away from any of the Airmax AC or new Nanobeam products and just stick with the legacy Airmax products (NSM2, NSM5, LocoM5, Locom2, RocketM5, RocketM2, etc.).    All legacy Airmax products come with XM software.  You can't load XW software on them and the same goes for the newer Nanobeam and Airmax AC products (you can't load XM on  those).  I hope this makes sense and answers your questions.   Which radios were you looking at buying?"

Edit circa 0900; Several hours after I originally posted this I received back;

"All of the Airmax legacy products are XM and they are available on Amazon.  M3 versions are foreign models.   We only sell US versions on Amazon.  We don't have a way to offer any type of package price through Amazon.   If you are a prime member, we do pay for free 2 day prime shipping on your entire order.


Did this solve your problem?"

I will reply via Amazon " I don't know, are your "Legacy Rocket M5" and "Legacy NanoLoco M5 new, old stock produced before 1/1/2014?"
Prime shipping may someday prove useful and/or Amazons' warranty should ensure they stand behind their claims but why risk the hassle prior to understanding precisely what the risk is.

... and via email to them "Please quote a pair each of the Legacy, XM only, versions of Nano Loco M9, M2 and M5 delivered to CA, 95338 including S&H.

Hope this is useful to some and adequate explanation to others why I'm still not yet ordering anything or making any recommendations about what to buy or where.... yet, via email.   As soon as I'm able to test whatever I order,  I'll share what information I can about sourcing and initial apparent band differences around here, between hopefully,  three pair of short range bridges/spectrum analyzers & 'peaking' meters.

"Honey don't we want to be able to monitor the baby ewes in the Barn yard and both pastures?" ...not  <g>, most fortunately kf6utb understands and approves of this whole effort.

...dan wl7coo

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See this thread

Here's the latest on the XW issue. Basically, still waiting for a solution to the underlying issue.


NSM5, either model

Dan, This is why I went with the more expensive NSM5. Both XM & XW are supported. As I bought new from Amazon, I received XW. All 3 worked just fine after downgrading the AirOS version first before moving to AREDN.

As for Rockets, I bought used from eBay and they said they were older than 2015.

Edit: all 5 RocketsM5s worked just fine as they were XM models, and you now have one on loan :-)

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After receiving my XM version a couple of weeks ago and successfully downgrading the AirOS and then flashing with AREDN firmware I was confident to order two more.  It turns out that they passed QC at the factory on 4/22/17 and, you guessed it, are XW versions and refuse to downgrade from AirOS 5.6.xx  Is there a resolution to this or do I have to send them back?

Kevin, AJ7C

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Make sure your using the XW

Make sure your using the XW version of the firmware for downgrade as it's different from the XM version.

Also this is an old thread a lot changes in a year, probably best for a new thread or a more recent thread.

It may be an old thread, but

It may be an old thread, but it is still relevant.

I just bought a Ubiquiti Nano Station M2 NS2MUS and it came with Version 5.6.12 XW, not XM.

When I click on the M2 link for the  Nano Station M2 in the Supported Platform Matrix , it takes me to this same product on Amazon which I believe should be an XM, but what they sent me was an XW model.

Is the Supported Platform Matrix link wrong for the Nano Station M2 (XM)?

Should the Supported Platform Matrix be used with a warning to keep others form taking this risk of Amazon or Ubiquiti not shipping what we think they should be?


Thank you for the note.

Thank you for the note.

Yes  they hyperlinks should of been updated when the table was updated to show that XW devices existed we should of moved the hyperlink.

I've made that change now so that it is correctly shown going forward.

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there's no way to order a

there's no way to order a specific version.
You can load the latest nightly build which supports the NanoStation M2 XW and Loco M2 XW devices.

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