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SNMP Issues

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SNMP Issues

I have two nodes, one running the latest stable release and another running one of the latest nightly builds. Neither unit is responding to SNMP but I have another device on the LAN side of one node that SNMP is working, so that confirms the SNMP monitoring server can reach the nodes. I can also ping the hostnames of both nodes from the monitoring server so it seems to be isolated to the nodes themselves.

Any guidance would be great.


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SNMP in recent builds

It isn't - it was dropped in and all subsequent nightly builds in an effort to preserve RAM.  It can be installed after the fact, though.  (and thus, anytime you update the software, the SNMP package has to be reinstalled.)

Orv W6BI

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Good decision

That seems like a very rational decision.  I would be willing to bet that the percentage of people who run SNMP is quite low.

Limited usefulness for snmp
One of the things I noticed about the standard aredn/openwrt snmp package is that there are almost 900 values in the MIB tree, but only a few of them provide anything marginally useful. I'm not sure it's worth using scarce node resources to run snmp for so little value. I wanted to capture RF metrics which aren't included in the standard MIBs, so I created a separate poller on a services computer to collect RF metrics and insert them into the NMS. But you have to be very careful how often you poll your nodes and how many metrics you collect, because typical SNMP NMS polling schedules will degrade mesh network performance.

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