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Smartphones as I/O Devices

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Smartphones as I/O Devices
The obvious device to connect to a mesh network is a smartphone. We should be able to do most things on the mesh that we do on the Internet as long as we can interconnect and use appropriate apps. Send and receive audio, video, email, files and programs/apps. Is anyone doing this? Utilizing smartphones on amateur radio can be the next big thing and it can move Hamnet from geek territory to the mainstream ham community. It can even entice young people to become radio amateurs... Rod Fritz, WB9KMO Mesa, AZ & Santa Barbara, CA
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Yes definitely
Many people are using their smartphones. Mark N2MH and others have demonstrated the use of smartphone as VoIP phones on the mesh using applications like Bria. An access point, like a Ubiquiti Air Gateway, connected to a mesh node provides WiFi access for the smartphone. 
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Any How To's on this subject?

Randy, are there any detailed How to's for the rest of us Technically Challenged Ham's?

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No detailed How To yet, but
No detailed How To yet, but here's how I dial an IP phone directly.

1. There is a WiFi access point (AP) enabled associated with the mesh network that your smartphone can reach. This is easily done using a Ubiquiti AirGateway attached to a POE injector and configured with some easily found SSID and password (example SSID = arednmesh, password = arednmesh). Make sure that your smartphone is connected to this WiFi AP before continuing. On our homepage, picture #9 in the banner is the AirGateway that I use.
2. You have a smartphone with a VoIP application such as Linphone installed. Some VoIP applications may not work unless you register with a VoIP service provider or register with an Asterisk PBX server on your mesh network. Linphone will let you dial an IP address directly without any fuss.
3. You have a VoIP phone on your mesh network – example IP address is which it received from one of your mesh nodes.

Before continuing, setup a new contact on your smartphone for the VoIP phone you wish to call. For example, the new contact is Demo1; its phone number is 10*179*83*215 and its homepage URL is sip:
Now just open Linphone, go to the Contact icon and select your Demo1 contact and touch the dial icon. Your IP phone on the mesh network should now be ringing.

I just setup a demonstration like this in my office today in under an hour just to confirm that all works as it should. As usual, much of the time was spent getting the pieces gathered up from various hiding places and very little time spent configuring things once everything was connected and powered up.
Thanks for the help Randy - I
Thanks for the help Randy - I have this partially working.

​My config from the i-net down is:  Inet -900mgz WISP - ARHP in standard part 15- Netgear 108E w/ 4 VLANS - Nanostantion M2 POE w/ AirGateway.
​I set the Airgateway to "BRIDGE" mode, set the SSID, set the time. 
Set my WiFi on the laptop to auto connect to the AirGateway. Set my phone to the AirGateway.
This has been great as the RJ45 for the mesh has gone away. i.e. I can see the mesh nodes via Wifi. I no longer have to disconnect the RJ45 to get my laptop to connect to my WiFi printer.

Downloaded Linphone and did not config any accounts.  I did set it to share my contacts.  It does not work with my IP contact.
​I can set the address in the "Enter a number or an address" and it will ring my Mesh IP phone.  I can talk into my mesh phone and hear it on my Samsung S6.  The microphone icon on the Linphone is shown as muted and I cannot talk on the S6 and hear it on the IP phone.  I have not been able to unmute the microphone on the S6.

​Disclaimer - I have seen numerous errors between the chair and the keys.  :)

Thoughts appreciated - Vance - KC8RGO

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Take a look at Settings
I don't have and Android phone at the moment, but if there is a Settings app similar to iOS, then check to see if the Linphone app is allowed to use the microphone. In iOS you have to explicitly turn this on in Settings.
Thank you - I did find the
Thank you - I did find the permissions and microphone was OFF.  Now ON.
Now working another problem where my AirGateway does not always have I-net. One problem at a time - thanks for your help!

\Vance - KC8RGO
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Can't speak to the airgateway
Can't speak to the airgateway directly but I've used a tplink travel router for the same purpose.  I set it for "access point" mode and turned off its own DHCP.  With DHCP on, sometimes clients would get their IP from the node and sometimes from the access point and not work. 
The AirGateway was set for
The AirGateway was set for "Auto" channel or frequency selection.  I now have it locked in on Channel 11 and it seems to be working.  If I have additional problems, I will try that.  Thanks

Vance - kc8rgo
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Office Demo and write ups

Thank you Randy, I will try to prevail in my endeavors. We would love a detailed write up, as many of us are technically challenged, I am quite sure there are many hams out here that would be interested in getting started with BBHN or AREDN if we knew how. If we had the various how to's (step by step) on setting up IP Phones, file servers, how to tunnel etc.. I have read through every post in the forums here, and still struggle. You guys do ROCK with what you do, please try to remember us little guys down here that are less endowed.

Rick AJ4FW

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Yes.  the AirGateway is
Yes.  the AirGateway is fabulous and CHEAP!

See the link here for info:

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FIRSTNET - same objective
I have been following the Government's FIRSTNET initiative, which is VERY similar to what we are looking to accomplish and what is being discussed here.  Their business model will incorporate 20 Mhz of spectrum to develop and deploy a system for Public Safety using LTE technology. It's looking like they will be developing Smartphone type apps to use on their system.  They are close to choosing a primary vendor which is currently being contested for this project.  More info:
We have done this by
We have done this by connecting a Linksys wireless wifi router to a mesh node via ethernet.  
Then we run Linphone in the cell phones and they can call one anther as well as any IP phones, Macs or PCs on the mesh
Linphone also provides chat and video capability.

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Can you give any specifics on
Can you give any specifics on setting up linphone? I've been trying to call one Android phone from another directly by ip and I can't even do that on my home network so far.
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Sorry, answered my own
Sorry, answered my own question. You have to go to settings>network and unchecked "use random port"
I have the AirGateway, a
I have the AirGateway, a Samsung S6 w/Linphone (no account) and can call my Linksys SPA941 IP phones with IP dialing.  I cannot get my Linksys to successfully dial my Samsung.

​Do I need accounts, provisioning etc?  What are the Linphone parameters - THANKS.

Vance - KC8RGO
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Also doing this...
Bob, we are also doing this using the built-in Wifi-Access-Point included in the Grandstream GVX3240 and 3275 IP phones.  Though you need be in range of the phones WiFi output.  You can surf Mesh as well using a computer (if the computer has Wi-Fi).

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