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Smart switch Linking

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Smart switch Linking
 Hello, I have a 305 foot tower i what to mount a ubnt 5 port tough sw. on, to run four nodes from. I will have a second 5port  ubnt tough sw. in the site building configured to run 4 Vlans.

1. Can I link via cat5/6 these two switches together ?
2.  Do i need a router in between the two switches or can i directly connect them? 
3. Which ports are needed to do this  Vlans? or Wans?

The goal is to get by with one single run of cat5/6e up the tower running 48volt poe and dropping down to 24volts to run the switch and nodes.


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Ubiquiti TS-5-POE: using outdoors?

Hi, Eric:

0.a. The TS-5-POE is an indoor rated device, it will need a weatherproof enclosure on the tower.
0.b. If your POE 48v to 24v adapter is not outdoor rated, it will need a weatherproof enclosure.
0.c. How many nodes? Any LAN devices (Camera? How powered?)
0.d. Do you need all of the 305 feet? Would 200' or 100' suffice? :-|

1. Yes, by pairing VLAN2 ports. However, you will need another cable.
At first glance, it seems that the TS-5-POE does not return VLAN2 on the POE (up) cable.
2. No. You can directly connect them as per 1.
3. VLAN2s

How many nodes total ?
How many Nanostations (dual port nodes, not Locos).
Best to show node list.

A Ubiquiti N-SW (outdoor rated) can power 3 nodes via one cable and DtD link to another managed switch (via VLAN2).
24 volt, 2.5 amp, 60 watts maximum.

I have been able to configure a Mikrotik PowerBox RB750P-PBr2 to power 4 nodes (using 200' of CAT5) and
DtD link to another managed switch indoors. However, care must be taken to keep maximum current < 1 amp
when this device is fed power via POE rather than via coaxial power connector. If coaxial power connected
(indoor) then 24 volt, 2.5 amp, 60 watts total with <= 1 ampere per POE port.

Hope this helps.

Smart switch Linking

Thanks Chuck for the reply. It's nice to get answers form people that have some experience doing what im trying to do.
The cat5/6e cable run for the site building to the mounting of the AREDN nodes is about 280 Ft.  I will be running three ptp link's , one onmi , and one POE camera. @ 12 watts per device for a total of 60 watts. This is allowing for some overhead. The ubiquiti n-sw  looks like it will accomplish what I need on the tower with 2 switches and two cable runs, and one extra port for future expansion.  The two 48 to 24 volt converters will help with current load and be mounted in a weather tight box.  I know the Ubiquiti Tough Switch is rated for 2.5amps @24 volts  but believe it would be maxed out with only two poe ports enabled and used. From what  Im understanding, the input's to the N-sw.'s will come form, Vlan2 ports of the tough sw. which will be configured for 5 nodes . This will also allow me to run  a four port MikroTik hap router with VOIP devices.  

Thanks for the tip on ubiquiti's N-sw. I think Im on the right track. Its been a learning curve with networking and only a year into the AREDN . 


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