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Simple node test does not show all nodes

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Simple node test does not show all nodes

Good afternoon,

Today we did a simple test of two node tied together via a relay node.  The first link was a 2.4Ghz 3mile link with a simple SSID and channel -2 going from one node to the relay.  We then set up an additional link from the relay to a second node 2.4Ghz with a different SSID and channel -1.  At the relay point, the two links were tied via DTD .  When viewing the network status at the relay, we could see our local node radios but could not see either link end.  Each link end could not see each other..

We had done this test before were able to see all of the nodes and link components.  No idea what we might have done differently this time.  Also is there a minimum signal strenghth necessary to link properly.

Another set of ideas would be greatly appreciated. Going crazy here.

Thanks in advance for all of the great comments,

Wayne Reed

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Don't change the SSIDs

You should not be changing the SSID.  The AREDN software will generate the SSID depending on the station parameters and unless you really understand what you are doing, don't change it.

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Each link end could not see each other..

Nodes can only see and radio link with other nodes when on the same channel, bandwidth, and SSID.

The 'WiFi Scan' can detect other nodes only on the same bandwidth.

Any radio may interfere or receive interference when channels are equal or overlap.

1/2 of channel '-1' at any bandwidth is inside part 15 usage of channel '1'.



Thanks for your insight and comments


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Also is there a minimum signal strength to link propely?

I have found that 15 dB SNR may result in 100% LQ on a clear channel.


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