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Signal to Noise Ratio data and graph

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Signal to Noise Ratio data and graph
interesting situation on my NanoStation M2 as my S/N ratio no lo longer shows data and graphs allowing me to check and compare links. I am very interested in seeing this now as I just installed several RF Armour shields and want to see the difference.

any ideas? I tried a reboot.

I should have clarified
I should have added that I am using the latest version of AREDN on the node.
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Keith, the history data is
Keith, the history data is stored only in RAM. Consequently, it is not preserved across reboots. Check to see if it has started to accumulate already?
NothI got new
Nope, no data accumulating and the screen still shows N/A.
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Are you connected?
Does your Mesh Status page show you're actually connected to another node?
yes, from the mesh status page I see at least six other modes connected and all services are working properly as confirmed by the ability to access services through the node in question.
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which browser are you using? 
which browser are you using?  Have you tried a different one to see if it acts differently?
Yes, the node communicating with everything else and I have used all different browsers, Safari, Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. The S/N is working on the other seven attached nodes with each browser so it is just the one node that is not functioning. Weird.

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