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Show off your mesh setup for your Field Day 2016

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Show off your mesh setup for your Field Day 2016

The official place to show off your mesh setup for your Field Day 2016 site.

Photos required!


[Modified title to more appropriately reflect thread - Andre, K6AH ]

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W6CUS 2A EB @ Cesar Chavez
W6CUS 2A EB @ Cesar Chavez park in Berkeley, Ca.

1 NSloco M2 on ch -2 10mhz (ARDEN) 
1 Wrt54GL  (BBHN in AP mode)

We had AC power so there was no need to run off battery/solar. 

73 Kj6dzb
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I'm not use what makes it official...
There are several fine examples already posted here:

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Lessons Learning Deploying a Mid-Mile Node

I learned some things in deploying a mid-mile node cluster for Field Day.  I thought others might benefit from my experience.  I uplinked to the San Diego backbone with a NanoBridge M3 and downlinked to the Field Day site with a NanoBridge M2.  You will find pictures of this in an earlier post.

Referring to the Mast Guying Detail drawing, attached:

Setup Steps
1) Attach a guy to the dish radiator strut with a simple knot and two guys to the upper mast section with a hose clamp
2) Mount the downlink (or local distribution) node on the mast.
3) Orient the back guys so the downlink node is pointing in the target’s direction.
4) Sink both back anchors approx 120º apart per detail #2.
5) Mount the uplink dish atop the mast leaving it loose enough to adjust (this will remain somewhat loose).
6) Stand the mast up and adjust the back guys hitch knots for an even stance with the mast in the vertical and the downlink node pointing to its target.
7) With even pressure on the front guy, use it to direct the dish to its target.
8) Anchor the front guy per detail #2.
9) Adjust each guy hitch knot for overall stability 
10) The mast foot can be moved side-to-side for left-right signal optimization… as can front-back be used to optimize  dish elevation.
11) Add additional stabilizing guys if warranted due to wind loading.  A pointing guy may be added to the downlink node for stability.

Referring to the Ground Anchor Detail diagram attached:

Anchor a Unistrut Flat Bracket, bent upward slightly on one end, to the ground by sinking a 1/2” x 8" Hex Lag Screw using an electric drill.  This technique leverages the upward force from the guy rope to exert a rotational force on the bolt, causing it to bite more solidly into the ground.

Tie the guy rope to the anchor with a Taut Line Hitch.  Pull the hitch up the guy rope until the line is taut.

Bill of Materials

Dacron Antenna Guy (HRO also carries this)

Unistrut Flat Bracket

1/2 in. x 8 in. Galvanized Hex Lag Screw (3/4' head)


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