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Show Distance value in node status?

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Show Distance value in node status?

Would it make sense to have the "Distance to FARTHEST Neighbor" be displayed on each node's status page?  In that way, everyone could see the values for each node without having to log onto other nodes (which folks may not have the password for).

We have had at least a two occasions where our network performance was completely degraded due to a single node having a distance value that was wrong (too short!).  Setting a distance value wrong can easily happen just like typos easily happen.  Having that value publicly available can be of real value when troubleshooting network performance issues.

73 - Mike

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Distance value

Hi, Mike:

Perhaps. Perhaps publishing some local standards, practices, or a local email list server would also work. It is mentioned in the 'Help' page on every node: http://localnode.local.mesh/help.html "The best way to test an optimal distance settings is to do an 'iperf' test directly between 2 nodes to measure the performance of this RF channel." and "The auto distance setting is best used on quality point to point links. 50% performance increases have been observed over static. Auto distance settings does not work well with many nodes and marginal links. In this senario, the round trip packet timing has a very wide range of time values. Consequently the timeout value becomes inflated and inconsistent. Static settings should be used in this situation. It is best to measure the link with iperf to compare thoughput and determine the best distance setting. "

I typically install 'iperfspeed' at 'terminal' nodes.

Perhaps some of the gurus could post how to determine whether the 'distance to farthest node' is misconfigured by view the results of an 'iperfspeed' result.

Most often I use 'traceroute' for network testing. (I have heard that Windows spells it 'tracert', but I don't do windows, so YMMV.)

I hope this helps, Chuck

Thanks Chuck for the good

Thanks Chuck for the good information and reminders on how to deal with the distance.

By the way, the last time the network got badly degraded was from me changing several nodes and I accidently put in xx km when I meant to do it as miles!

Also for our network I currently have root access to all the nodes so I can go in and verify the distance but that has not always been the case and probably isn't the case with a lot of other networks.

I use both Windows and Linux.  My tool of choice is MobaXterm running under Windows.   I usually have several of it's tabs open ssh-ed to different Linux systems.  

- Mike

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