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sharing one Raspberry Pi on 2 separate AREDN networks

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sharing one Raspberry Pi on 2 separate AREDN networks

I have two separate AREDN networks (one for New Jersey hams) and another that is mostly in Australia and New Zealand.  I don't want one network to see the nodes of the other. 

So how to have one Raspberry Pi web server be on both networks, without the nodes of one network seeing nodes of the other network.

Turns out it's simple, you just need an USB ethernet adaptor, plugged into one of the Raspberry Pi's USB ports.    Turns out the Pi is able to make sense of the adaptor, and accept a 2nd IP address that belongs to the 2nd node, independent of the 1st node.  The web files are in a thumb drive plugged into the other USB port.

Go to the 2nd node "setup" page, and then "Port Forwarding, DHCP, and Services" page.  You should now see under "Current DHCP Lease" the raspberry pi
with its new DHCP IP address.  Then you can "advertise" a web page stored on the Raspberry Pi as a web server, as usual. 

Far as I can tell, both AREDN notworks don't know of the existence of the other. 

You could also use eth0 for

You could also use eth0 for one network and wlan0 for the other

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Virtual Ethernet ports!

This sounds like it will do what you want:

Orv W6BI


I have been looking for something like this for weeks now! I know this post is a few months old but how has this been working out?

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Works fine.

Works fine..  The Pi is not routing traffic between ports.

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