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Sharing Files on Laptop C Drive

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Sharing Files on Laptop C Drive

I finally got a few nodes set up around my house.  I have been able to get the "wan" to be shared and advertised over my mesh, but haven't figured out how to share the C drive of the computer connected to the first node.  

I can get it to advertise the service  using the "DHCP Address Reservations" and adding that to the "Advertised Services" section.  I have never done this before with a shared folder or drive.   I know I must have something wrong in the "Advertised Services" section.   I don't see where to add a photo to this post, so will add one in a second post so you can see what I have entered in the node.

I figured out how to share an IP camera, just can't figure out what goes in the blocks to the right to gain access to the laptop from other nodes.  Ultimately, at an upcoming field day or exercise, I would like to have a folder and files accessible via the mesh.

Sorry for confusion by posting in a different thread. 

What I am missing or have entered incorrectly?


Phone of Node Advertised Services
Screen Shot of setup.
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You'll want to install a web
You'll want to install a web server (Apache, NGINX, etc) or something like that to serve files. 

We don't support it as an
We don't support it as an advertised URL, but a computer that has a Windows share open and has a dhcp reservation CALLSIGN-desktop could be accessed by \\callsign-desktop.local.mesh\sharename inside of file explorer on a computer (this is standard Windows file share access notation the same as ifnyou use the network browser window in Windows )
Will give a try next time I activate the Mesh
Thanks for the information.  Then next time I boot up the mesh, probably this weekend, I'll give it a try.
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Are you doing this across RF?
Are you doing this across RF? Better check to make sure your traffic you speak of isn't encrypted....
I'm not a SMB/CIFS protocol
I'm not a SMB/CIFS protocol expert, but I always thought it wasn't encrypted ? (If it is I would greatly appreciate a reference on that so I can add it to my details list of knowledge)

I know the authentication is a potential issue as it uses a challenge response system and (per Microsoft words) "encrypts" one response string but an open share (everyone full read + write and no access control) shouldn't have an issue there should it? (Or does the NTLM AUTH attempt always occur even on an everyone share?  )
Try NAS4Free

I run it on a Ras Pi with a USB drive...


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Another File Sharing Method.. or 2..
Another method for file sharing is to set up a MeshChat node on a RPi and use the file storage capability there.  No file subdirectory feature, but a good way to share files with no additional software  needed to access except for a browser. this is extremely user friendly.  We have also set up file sharing directories on the RPi as well and can access direct over our MESH network.

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