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SFWEM Updates: New Hams, New Sites, New BOM, New Events

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SFWEM Updates: New Hams, New Sites, New BOM, New Events
First, I'd like to welcome my long-time friend Pascal to the wonderful world of ham radio: KN6GFJ!
His first order of business was getting our latest RF & Tunnel nodes up and running, along with Jeff AJ6IY. They are now running a point-to-point 5 GHz connection in the Potrero Hill neighborhood, with an IP tunnel backhaul to ORION. I believe there is still some tuning to do on their RF link, but eventually we'd like to get a 5 GHz sector antenna Hub pointed west and south from that Location, giving us coverage of the Outer Mission and Hunters Point (tbd).
Additionally, we have an IP-tunneled connection up & running at the SF EOC at 1011 Turk St. If you're near the building you should be able to see the node on 2.4 GHz as well. We're working with the EOC to install some roof nodes (along with an HF antenna for ACS). This should give us a good east-of-downtown Hub.
We're updating the BOMs on the website to include specifications for an end-user node & high-site Hub.
- Next non-rainy weekend: Replace 90 degree sector antenna with 120 degree sector antenna at SF VA. Will also re-aim the antenna towards Inner Sunset/Richmond, Haight, Cole Valley. (stretch goals: re-aim camera, replace faulty 2 GHz node)
- Friday, January 17th, 2020: SFWEM presentation at the January 2020 SF Radio Club meeting (3rd Friday at the SF VA). Kiley & I will be presenting on the SFWEM. Members & non members are welcome to attend. If anyone would like to provide any content or co-present, please let us know.
- Saturday, February 29, 2020: At the SF ACS meeting last night we elected to do a trial of SFWEM at the ACS Quarterly Drill on Saturday, February 29th (leap day!). ACS would like to test the ability to stream real-time video from a remote-site over the mesh. Location and logistics TBD.
I've also attached the latest revision of the SFWEM one-pager, feel free to redistribute to any groups you think may be interested in the project. 
As always, we'll strive to have the latest information up at, and #sfwem on SF Radio Club Slack.
I appreciate everyone's support in getting this project off the ground!
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