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SFWEM Updates: Happy New Year! The Mesh is Growing!

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SFWEM Updates: Happy New Year! The Mesh is Growing!

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year!

We've made great progress on the mesh over the last few weeks. I always remembered from my days in IT that the Holidays are the best time to get any involved technical projects done, and that's reflected in the expansion of the mesh.
- New Nodes & Sectors across the city
- East Bay RF Link(s)
- Mattermost Server
- NVR (network video recorder) Server
- Coverage Gaps & Bias
- Visit for the latest network and coverage maps
New Nodes & Sectors
We've added SF nodes in the following locations:
- SF Richmond (Ryan/N9PYL)
- Twin Peaks (Sky/AA6AX)
- Duboce (Brett/AI5C)
- Duboce (Richard/KJ6PTX)
- Sunset (Jerry/K6JB)
Including new wide-angle sector antennas at Twin Peaks and Duboce & Potrero.
Evan, Nathan, et al, have nodes in-had for testing and will hopefully be able to come online soon.
East Bay RF Link
From our new Twin Peaks sector, we were able to establish an RF link on 5 GHz (Ch 171) to the UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station across the bay. This connects us to a segment of the Berkeley Mesh. Mathison has also upgraded the 5 GHz node on the Hornet (Ch 171) and we're working to add a node SF to connect.
Isaac has added a Mattermost server, which is a Slack-like service: http://mattermost.local.mesh:8065/
There are several cameras installed across the mesh, so I've added a network video record to aggregate these feeds: https://sfwem-nvr.local.mesh:7443/
Ping me for credentials (you probably know them already).
Coverage Gaps & Bias
There are many areas of the city where we do not yet have coverage, even though there is interest in hosting a node, and we're in the process of building those sites out. However, there are two areas of the city were we have yet to garner interest: Marina/Cow Hollow and Bay View/Hunters Point. I'd like us to be cognizant of this as we expand our recruiting efforts and think of ways we can serve these Neighborhoods.
Special shout out to Isaac & Kiley for their hustle over the past few weeks, Sky for letting us use his cherry site up on Twin Peaks, Brett for his placement of a sector at his strategic location in Duboce, Richard for being alone in Duboce for so long, and Ryan for getting the Richmond connected.
Thanks to Mathison for getting the Hornet node back up, and for all of his guidance in getting our Mesh up and running. He definitely has more experience with this in the East Bay.
I appreciate everyone's efforts in building out this network, and look forward to what we can do in 2020!
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Good going!
Excellent.  Great work guys.

Andre, K6AH
Possible Berkeley Link

I'm in the Berkeley Hills and have LOS to Twin Peaks.  What channel and bandwidth are you using for your RFS link?  I'll try to get up on my roof and look for you.

Martin, W6MRR


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Most of our intra-city links
Most of our intra-city links are Ch 179/10 MHz, however the RFS/Twin Peaks link is Ch 171/10 MHz. Scan around and connect on whichever works for you, it would be great to have a second East Bay Link.

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