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SFWEM Now LIVE on the San Francisco VA Building

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SFWEM Now LIVE on the San Francisco VA Building

We now have live 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz nodes on top of the San Francisco Veterans Administration building in the Outer Richmond, SF.

Anyone with a view of the facility from anywhere in San Francisco should be able to connect to our nodes. The beams are pointed South-South-East from the top of the VA.


  • Channel: -2 (2.2397 GHz)
  • Channel Width: 10 MHz
  • SSID: AREDN-10-v3


  • Channel: 179 (5.5895 GHz)
  • Channel Width: 10 MHz​
  • ​SSID: AREDN-10-v3

We also have a tunnel setup between several other sites in the city. Feel free to hit me up for connection information:

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ch -1 @ 10MHz overlaps into
ch -1 @ 10MHz overlaps into the Part 15 ch 1 space, thus it will take a performance hit with this noise.   The channel also overlaps with usage on ch -2 with other mesh users, so getting hit from both directions.    One of these options is likely to improve performance:

A) go to ch -2 @ 10MHz and share with everyone else --  This uses RTS/CTS to coordinate all the clients sharing the same channel.  With partial overlap of channels, this coordination doesn't take place and more collisions occur.
B) coordinate with other users to have 2 x 5MHz channels in 2Ghz --    ch -2 @ 5Mz and ch -1 @ 5Mhz .  this minimizes the frequency contention at the tradeoff that max link rate is cut in half from 65Mbps down to 32.5Mbps.  

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Thanks @AE6XE. There had
Thanks @AE6XE. There had always been some confusion on my side, and I had gone back and forth on what to use, finally settling on what the east-bay folks were using, which was Ch -1. I'll start propagating this change out to the nodes under my control.

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