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Setting up Contact Servers in RMS EXPRESS

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Setting up Contact Servers in RMS EXPRESS

RMS EXPRESS will work over the MESH network as well as any LAN and the Internet for Post Office and Peer-To-Peer message delivery.
There are two modes of interest to us for MESH: 
1. Telnet Post Office: For Store and Retrieve messages
2. Telnet P2P: For Point-To-Point message transfer between two RMS EXPRESS systems (attended and unattended)

Each has a separate address book for the server identities. P2P uses port 8774 and Post Office uses port 8772.

Now for the fun part.  Since you can send messages to a Post Office or P2P via Telnet on a LAN or MESH, you can also send them direct via the Internet if the receiving station has a fixed IP and port 8772 and 8774 forwarded to the computer where RMS Express or RMS RELAY reside.  You can keep the routing straight by using station identifiers designating the route of delivery.  NOIP address names work also, i.e. if set up.
Example:  For MESH Post Offices I enter a name something like K1KY-MESH-LAVERGNE (as much or little as the field will hold) and for Post Offices over the Internet, simply K1KY-I

The receiving Post Office or Station doesn't care what you have named the entry so long as the IP address and Port number is correct.

That's my helpful tip of the day folks.  Any questions, drop them off to me via Winlink to K1KY or look up my Post Office on the MESH:
WINLINK Post Office KD4F or Internet Post Office addressed to K1KY.

73,  T.D.

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Great info Tom.  Thx

Great info Tom.  Thx

Telnet Peer-To-Peer Hangs with "Autoconnect"

Telnet Peer-To-Peer is great, but I'm seeing a consistent problem across a number of locations.  When I set up a Peer-To-Peer connection, and set an Autoconnect frequency (like 1 minute), the Winlink sessions HANG at the same point every time.  Here's an example:

This is from the initiating station end:

*** Connecting P2P Telnet to TUTTLE at port 8774
*** Connected to TUTTLE at port 8774 at 2019/01/17 08:34:12
   ;FW: KL5T
   [RMS Express-$]
[RMS Express-$]
----this is where it hangs ----

This is from the target station end:
*** Received incoming connection from at 2019-01-17 08:34:22 UTC
*** Logon by KL5T
   [RMS Express-$]
   KL5T DE KL7AA >
[RMS Express-$]
----this is where it hangs ----

It seems to work perfectly if manually initiated.

Anybody else see this?  Any ideas for a solution?

Thanks much,

Kent, KL5T
Anchorage, Alaska

suggestion ...

this is a RMS Express issue 

I suggest posting your question on the Winlink programs forum..

Richard    ke7xo

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Use Ping/Traceroute tools?

Just to hazard a guess - looks like it *might* be packet loss along your route which fails on longer packet strings. When I'm using Windoze, here's the free version of one of the tools which works well for me:

Of course, this doesn't really explain why it works manually - but still worth checking to rule it out first.

- Don - AA7AU    (who remembers Anchorage in January)

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