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Setting antenna polarization on

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Setting antenna polarization on


I have a dish on one end of the link which I have to physically mount horizontal or vertical, so I want to set the distant node (Nano station M2) polarization to match.  Back when I was running BBHN software, I could change the antenna polarization of my node.  The option still appears there for TX and RX, I can select H or V, but after applying, saving, and rebooting, it seems to always go back to diversity.

Is this something broken in

Russ. WL7AG


Created AREDN->ticket:120.

Created AREDN->ticket:120.

It is a bit too late in the evening for me to dig out too much more details on this tonight other than I can say I can confirm seeing the same issue happen, will need to dig into it more to see what is going on there.

Suggest keeping an eye on the ticket for more info.

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