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setting up 4 nodes within close proximity

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setting up 4 nodes within close proximity
Hey  all, I am trying to set up a 4 node AREDN mesh for an event.  
The command center will be roughly 3 miles from where 3 remote nodes will be located.
The 3 nodes will be roughly 1000' from one another.
Very flat terrain with no vegetation. 
Planning on 15' masts at each location with Nanobeam M5 NBE-M5-19 and MikroTik hAP ac lite for laptop to plug into at each node.


I have only played with AREDN a few times so what am I missing, what are my gotchas that I haven't thought about?

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Wy add the hAP?
If you are running a single LAN device at each of the three remote nodes (the laptop you mentioned), there is no need to add the hAP.
Wanted to future proof for
Wanted to future proof for when they ask for phones at each node.  and we might have cemeras at the remote nodes too.
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Like Paul Harvey said: "Here is the rest of the story."
Hi, J:

Please give us the rest of the story.
What services, what applications, what devices, what is the longitude and latitude of each node?
I recall that Texas is flat, but "3 miles of flat terrain and no vegetation and no structures", umm, errr, ahhh...really?
Our local group set up a point-to-point link of 1 mile with 1 camera and it worked.
This was a 'parade route' on 1 street.
Good luck.


73, Chuck


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