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Set IP on Grandstream Phone. 2602

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Set IP on Grandstream Phone. 2602
hi. Trying to set ip for my Granstream phone.  Model  2602. 

thoughts. Help. Im new.  

best. Michael
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IP addresses
Your phone should be set up for DHCP.  If you plug it into a Mikrotik hap running AREDN (you  have one, right?), the hAP will assign it an IP address on the AREDN network.

Orv W6BI
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Set up on Grandstream Phone GRP2602(P/W/G)

Hi, Michael:

+1 with Orv.

  • Tell us what make/model of router(s) you have running AREDN firmware or
  • Link your AREDN router(s) to a network connected to a World SUPERNODE or
  • Register your AREDN router on the Legacy Map.

73, Chuck

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