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Set ETX value to 2

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Set ETX value to 2

Way back when the local group started, our network was 99% on 2397 MHz,
we had a 'loaner kit' consisting of an AirRouter and a Nanostation M2 with default settings.

When I joined the group in 2017, there were 32 active nodes on 2397 MHz.
Many of our 6 high profile 2397 MHz nodes could hear a few of the other high profile nodes.
There was much flip/flopping of routing. Circuits would drop. VoIP calls were dropped. ...
The network just did not network anymore.

Later, when we added some 5 GHz backhaul links,
the high profile sites wanted to route 2397 MHz <> 2397 MHz as the ETX was 1.
A 2397 MHz high profile node that had an active backhaul to another 2397 MHz high profile node would have an ETX of 1.2
+0.1 to the DtD'ed 5 GHz backhaul, +1 to the linked 5 GHz backhaul, +0.1 DtD'ed down to the other node.
We found it helpful to segregate the LANs by changing the SSID on (all but 1 of) our high profile 2397 MHz nodes.
This improved the routing as now the only path was via backhaul.
This created a problem when loaning the 'loaner kit' as now it needed have its SSID preprogrammed for each loanee
based on their location. We did not want to let the loanee have root access and change the SSID. (?)

Today, all of our 2397 MHz high profile nodes have 5 GHz backhaul links.
I would like to set the SSID to default on all 2397 MHz nodes.
This would allow the 'loaner kit' to be standard.
An ARDEN firmware version with ETX=2 placed on all (backhauled) high profile nodes
would allow everyone to use the default SSID and backhaul routing would be naturally chosen.

It may not be this simple, but where is the ETX value set?



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ETX values

ETX values

Chuck, The only place that an ETX value is configured, is for the DtDlink connections, otherwise this value is calculated by the OLSR protocol.   There is a setting that says this communication channel is an ethernet cable and not RF.   As a result  the behavior is a cost of 0.1 or >=1.0 .


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RF ETX is set by the OLSR protocol

Hi, Joe:
 Thanks. Thanks for your support of AREDN networling.


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